Thanks for coming to my website. I'm not sure what business card to carry, or what to say when someone asks “what do you do?” I've spent over 20 years as a lawyer, and half of that time as a professor, giving back to the profession. But, over those decades of law practice, I was really a subversive entrepreneur. After three dozen ventures, I've had some fun, some success and multiple flops. I've taken the combination of legal and business experiences to teach and mentor.

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My focus is helping people gain autonomy and take control of their professional lives. I do that with alternative approaches to business, money and life. Start with Opt Out, my first book. Move through Gig Out if you need ideas on how to start making side money. And, finally, get ready for my latest book The Lost Tale of the King's Flyswatter, a story about how to get the most out of your job so you can become self employed. 

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