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Dana is one of those unique people who has become an advisor in my life and business. I send people to him, not just for legal advice, but for his ability to see the big picture and speak directly into the issues at hand. He sees beyond the surface, and helps people act on what he sees.

Amish Shah

Serial Entrepreneur, Project Yourself

Dana isn’t just an attorney, he’s spent years building businesses of his own, and nurturing his own approach to life and money.  He uses his personal experiences to help his clients succeed.

Nathaniel Broughton

CEO, Growth Partners

As an entrepreneur, Dana is an indispensable resource. Dana has given me some of the best advise I have ever received when I needed it the most. Both personally and professionally Dana has been there for me when I needed someone I could trust who understands the law.


CEO, CreationSwap

For over 15 years I have relied on Dana Robinson to handle my legal requirements and to advise me regarding my overall business . I have found him to be very insightful and caring regarding all matters, both personal and business related. He is definitely the person I turn to when advice is needed and his counsel has proven to be very valuable over the years.

Marhshall Daniel

President, Olivine International Trading