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If you want titles, I’ve had a few.  Among them are attorney, professor, dean, CEO, owner, brother, father, husband and even reverend.  For each title, I have played a role in something.  Those many “somethings” have added up to a rather unique resume, both in terms of business as well as in life.  If you are on my website reading this, maybe you are looking for me in one of my various “titled” roles.  I’ve got links below to help you find one of those if you need to.

As of 2021, I have over a dozen courses published on Linkedin Learning. Hundreds of thousands of users have seen my courses, and I am grateful for the constant positive feedback.

I’m currently working on a book entitled Exit Plan, a more comprehensive version of my popular course Employee to Entrepreneur. Email me if you are interested in an advance copy of the book (it’s a rough draft).

I’m launching an updated version of my book Opt Out with a new forward by Michael E. Gerber, with whom I have had the pleasure to work over the past few years.

A draft of my latest book Gig Out is with my editor. Rough drafts are free if you email me.

In 2018, Nathaniel Broughton and I launched  the Opt Out Life podcast. It has had over half-million downloads, and features interviews with entrepreneurs, life hackers, travelers, opter outers and interesting folks. We’re continuing to podcast, although our pace has dropped since COVID19.

Join my mailing list if you’d like…I don’t sent much out now, but will once Exit Plan is published.

If you are trying to connect with me in one of my roles, make a connection on LinkedIn, or find me here:


Founding Partner, Techlaw LLP, was a San Diego based intellectual property boutique with over a dozen attorneys, making our little firm one of San Diego’s largest IP boutique law firms. In 2019, my partner retired, and my junior partner and I left to form US IP Attorneys.


Adjunct Professor of Law, University of San Diego School of Law (2010-2018, co-director IP Law Externship Program, IP Bootcamp, IP Survey)

Adjunct Professor of Law, California Western Law School (2018-present) (Trademark Law; Director, IP Law Clinic)

Entrepreneur & Investor

30 years of business, including founder and turn-around acquisitions.  Now,  angel investing in start-ups, real estate and unique opportunities. Click the link above to see my ventures.

The OutLaws

A podcast featuring attorneys doing things their own way. Join the posse if you’re an attorney who has (or wants to) buck the system, and saddle up with some outlaws who are using their law degrees to start businesses, angel invest, operate solo law firms and small practices, buy and sell businesses, and more. Keep an eye out for our upcoming events and OutLaw Mastermind.