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If you want titles, I’ve had a few.  Among them are attorney, professor, dean, CEO, owner, brother, father, husband and even reverend.  For each title, I have played a role in something.  Those many “somethings” have added up to a rather unique resume, both in terms of business as well as in life.  If you are on my website reading this, maybe you are looking for me in one of my various “titled” roles.  I’ve got links below to help you find one of those if you need to.

But, I hope you are on my website to learn what I’m trying to do NOW.  What I’m doing now is writing and producing content that I think people will find helpful in their personal and financial quest.  If you’re starting a business, then I’m your guy.  I’m working on three books that entrepreneurs should love: Opt Out, Side Gig, Inc., and Do What You Love.  I’m working with my business partner on the Opt Out Life podcast.  For those who practice trademark law, I’m wrapping up my tome Trademark Prosecution, a Casebook and Practice Guide.  Email me for an advance copy.

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Founding Partner, Techlaw LLP, a San Diego based intellectual property boutique with over a dozen attorneys.


Adjunct Professor of Law, University of San Diego School of Law (2010-present)

Adjunct Professor of Law, California Western Law School (2018-present)

Entrepreneur & Investor

25 years of business, including founder and turn-around acquisitions.  Now,  angel investing in start-ups, real estate and unique opportunities.


Corporate training and speaking at seminars, workshops, trade shows and more.

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