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Open Letter to Intellectual Property Law Students and Young Attorneys

I wrote a piece many years ago that was an outline for the last lecture I gave to students in MY first teaching assignment.  It was sort of my life advice for the students.  It was delivered in far shorter fashion, but I kept the essay and intended to start sending it out at the end of each semester to each new class, but it wasn’t until earlier this year that I finished it.  I published it to LinkedIn, and that’ll make it easier to distribute to my future law students.  I encourage them to connect with me on LinkedIn, and this will be an article that I ask them to read as they forge their way through law school.  Have a read if you are interested, or pass it along to young lawyers and law students.  

Avoiding Dilution and Finding Meaning in Your Law Practice

I was featured on the Gen Why Podcast last year.  I’m stoked to have also seen Nicole Abboud blossom and launch from her practice to speaker and guru!  Check out a fun interaction between us on this edition of her podcast.  The podcast was intended for attorneys who are exploring how to find meaning, but is applicable to anyone who is asking the same questions: how to I find meaning in my career (which might be boring work in a sterile office).