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Hot Giggity!

There are no shortage of good reasons to own a business.  Business is one of the primary ways that people in America get out of poverty and become financially autonomous.  However, business comes with major risks: capital outlays; ongoing investment; massive time requirement; expertise; fluctuations in income, and expenses can bankrupt a small business.  In fact, 90 percent of businesses fail.  

Whether you own a business or are an employee, this book gives you a unique look into the massive upsides and minimal downsides of the side gig.  A side gig can bring a steady and often substantial income without the typical risks of a normal business.  You’ll see examples showing real-life side gigs that can earn you $400 to $4,000 per month.  What is magical about a side gig is not just that it produces a steady stream of income, but that it does so without the same risks and investment as a normal business.  Side gigs have:

Low capital outlay

Low ongoing capital requirement

Low time required (2 hours a week on average)

Steady income of $200-400/mo base with upward potential without much extra effort

Low liability, low risk

Low stress

Learn how others are doing it, and use the author’s tools to help discover how you might get into your own side gig.

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