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Opt Out is a book about how to opt out of the American Dream, a bad dream that puts most Americans in moderate poverty. Dana doesn’t prescribe the usual “work harder and save more” advice. Dana’s trade secret approach to money takes the reader on a journey through ways to generate income from side gigs, how to own a business with little or no money and how to get into real estate cheaply. He teaches an even more unconventional approach to home ownership, and takes his readers through stories of how he’s scavenged his way out of moderate poverty himself, eventually living in a multimillion dollar mansion for free, and diving expensive cars that he paid a fraction to own. “If you saw my life, you’d think I was in the 1%, but I stole this life, and now I have freedom and autonomy,” Dana says, “so can you!”

Dana Robinson is a serial attorney and entrepreneur who clawed his way out of the middle class rat race to financial autonomy. He started his entrepreneurial career as the neighborhood lawn boy, but then launched a real landscape company at the age of 19. That little company grew for four years before Dana sold it and moved on to his next vetnure. In the decades since, he has owned and co-founded more than a dozen ventures: from digital endeavors to real estate to fashion and everything in between. He considers himself an average middle class kid who hustled and reinvented what it means to be rich through counterintuitive ideas, hacks, and opting out of the mainstream approach to life and money. The result is that he’s achieved what people think success is all about: money, cars, homes, travel and luxury things. But, not the way others accomplish this. He broke the rules and stole the good life.

Opt Out! is an intimate autobiographical look at how one entrepreneur found his way to the good life by not following the rules. He’s opted out of the rat race, and living a life that money can’t buy.

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